Sabtu, November 04, 2017


Several months have passed, but the situation deteriorated GUN my Son and makes me to a state of surrendered for the 3rd Time in my life.

The first time when I was a student in High school 1st. Class LOYOLA College Semarang, Second times in First Semester, at RWTH Aachen... 

But if this third time I really gave it up it would be not only me who destroyed my life but it will destroy GUN life..who still have a long Life

What kind of father am I ??? ... 
And what about My promise to Mamuschka??? ... 
I'm always ready Dying for my son ... 
why now I'm afraid to live for My Son ???

NO I Have to be Rigid Spirit !!! ... even when it was 3 weeks he didn’t Talk to me and always lock him self in his room, it's been a few days he wasn’t went to school and I should always looking for reasons to the secretariat at his school ... that has begun familiar with my voice.

What am I scare of is the possibility that the school secretariat report to the police, which will bring GUN to The Jugendamt who will condemn me as a parent who can not afford to educate their children as an Asozial people.

Those imaginations that very frightening me is ... GUN will be placed in Dormitory Children from poor families / Orphans ... and most of them have been recorded as a follow-Criminal Perpetrators.
Hostel at the time was mostly filled by the children of refugees from Eastern or the middle East country, which My Apologies don't got Feelings, Faith, Establishment And Meaningfulness To Allow Any Way To Achieve Their Interest.

They Are No More Little Men, but Small Wild Bears Who Have A Human face, This Shadow is what Terrifies me.

I've quit my job immediately as System Administrator or IT Support Team, so that I can  really keep an eye on psychologies developments of my son in 24 X 7 hours.

This makes my boss and my office friends a lot of disappointment, because we are working on one unfinished project. 

Which now makes it difficult for me to take care of my retirement, and until now was forced to live without it all.

I've spent a lot of money on renovating his bedroom and my son's study room and buying music, computer and other tools to keep him a little entertained.

Which is so bad And hard to talk with me and all the people around him ... his Introverts are becoming more and more.

But it does not change it once And even its nature is too pampered By Mamuschka Even Being.

A spoiled child who gets used to getting everything without having to do anything.

Who Only Wants to Serve and In Priority, Without Must Serve And Fully Against the circumstances And the Man around him.

After much discussion through Whatsapps and Line with family in Jakarta, and discussing with my son, whether he wants to stay in Germany or look likely to live in Indonesia ... then we agreed to fly to Indonesia on the spot without Preparation.

Everything We Live in Germany, the House And All the Complete Furniture Mamuskha
relics that had just finished renovating a month before she died We left without being able to sell it.
And All Bureaucratic Affairs I ignore.

The house and all of its contents I leave it to my older sister-in-law, who until now also did not send any money from the proceeds of the sale, and with artificial reasoning instead cut off the relationship with me.

The Most Important thing is in my mind It's as soon as possible to save my child's soul and development. The soul and development of GUN is the First Priority for me, according to my promise to Mamisa.

But where will We Live? In Jakarta, Solo OR in Semarang ???

If in Bali Less Good for the Development of the soul of my son,
if in Solo in the birthplace of GUN, my son don't want too ...
So Only Jakarta and Semarang That Become Questions For Us.

All My Family Lives in Jakarta now, they used to study in Germany, other than that in other families English is everyday language, Therefore it is very easy to GUN First Time to communicate with other families ... in knowing the life of Indonesia.

But somehow I WANTED TO STAY TEMPORARY in Semarang, at the time of youth in Jalan Pandanaran (Ahmad Yani) No.171.

I was very happy when I heard the statement of GUN who also happy with the atmosphere of Simpang Lima in Semarang.

Actually I want to live in Semarang, also not to jump in the crowds of Jakarta Capital City, to be able to rebuild ONLINE BUSINESS that we both built together (Mamushka and I) in Bali about 14 years ago.

Like ADAINDO ONLINE SHOP on Tripod is the work of Mamuschka itself, while I was very busy taking care of Cybercafe Satria and production in our Shoe Studio which already has 25 shoe craftsmen.

Unfortunately We can not stay too long in Semarang. 

One day while me and GUN were walking around at Simpang Lima, there was a Lady who approached us and asked how my relationship with GUN ,am I his father or his best friend? ... made us laugh out loud (LOL).

It turned out The Lady was a former Topmodel in the 80s, who wanted to work with GUN if I allowed her.

Of course it's a GUN decision and not me, and indeed he's from childhood a few times entered Fashion magazine in Germany.

And it turns out they both immediately match and familiar like mother and child. And The Lady was more often settled in Jakarta, because some of its corporate centers are also engaged in the World of Fashion and Property, the center is also in Jakarta. So finally We both moved again to Jakarta ... well so remember the song KoesPlus -Back To Jakarta.

See You Next Week in Another Dailys New Story, and Please write your Comment Below!



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