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This blog was actually created by my deceased wife for Remembered her life for 
6 Years in Indonesia, after we were forced to leave Bali and leaving behind all 
our possessions that we had built successfully, caused the Bali Bombing.

But due to lack of time my wife after we returned to Munich about 16 Years ago. Then, finally do not continue to fill it in or write it again.
Therefore I will continue to fill it as a Diary and remember my memories, upon our return both (Me and My Son) to Indonesia.

One of these activities to fill my Young Retirement time, and carry out my Promise to my late wife to raise our only child to be a person who, 3B is (Successful, Useful and Happy). That means Useful to human and society around him.

Sometimes maybe my writing is memorable provocative or even a little rough for the size of the East towards a group of people or something system, please before trying to understand, In order not to happen Failed Response !! 

This is just an honest opinion about the bitter incident that I experienced and also the exchange of opinion between my Son so that he can understand and accept what the current state of Indonesia.

I myself as a child of a nation who lived about 40 years outside Indonesia, was often surprised to see the development of life of Society and Regulations in Indonesia 😟, 
and share my life experiences.

Especially will be a lot of my reflection to be written here, As an Islamic Ummah who wants to be a Peaceful Muslim.
Filled with gratitude my life experiences in several countries can be a Reference because of my work in the field of IT and Renewable Energy, which has to do with the local Community where I am completing a Project.

In all countries or places there must be a downside and a good side, as well as 💕The land of my beloved  homeland💘. 
So my writings are not merely wanting to belittle Indonesia, but trying to improve that must be reflected again, so that this nation can be more prosperous and prosperous for the whole society.
And to be a state of Peace that protects the World is not World domination.

Because Indonesia is a Heaven of the World already has it all, when compared to countries where I've lived even if only a few months.

Thank You for taking the Time to read this Blog, and I am very glad for any responses or questions to share our thoughts and experiences together.

Precisely dated August 8, 2014 Mamisa, my wife suddenly left us all, without any warning at all! ... Without any illness and in good health.
My Wife apparently suffered from an Aneurysm from her mother's line, which none of us knew about The Illness.

That afternoon was dated. August 6, 2014, after work home ... my wife wants to jog with our son, Ran around the Water Park and the hills of Allach, Munich.

According to our son, she had talked to him and wanted to change clothes ... to get ready to run together ... but 3 Minutes later came a loud voice from the Bedroom!

Our son immediately ran to our Sleeping room and found his mother was already complaining Unconsciously, Quickly My son called Ambulance 112 and as usual Ambulance also came under ten minutes ... .and even able to revive my wife who was in a coma and immediately took the hospital .

After two days in a miserable state, because my wife's life depends only on all the equipment in the ICCU Room.

From Fifth Parameter at Bedside Monitor visible Vital Sign from my wife for 24 hours does not improve even weaken, ECG Parameter must be assisted Pump Trigger for Heartbeat stable; as well as the Respiratory Parameter. Slightly disturbed, causing the SpO2 and NIBP parameters to also deteriorate.

After conferring with my 13-year-old  son and the  Doctors, the decision was made to stop all auxiliary machines and to let her  go.

Please note Allah is not AllaCh
AllaCh near Untremenzing, Munich (Bayern) is where we live.


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