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This page is a great collection of my WhatsApp: From: Nurindrarani
Group WA: #TEMAN EX KOMP PERTAMINA #. This writing is interesting, but who knows who wrote it: 🙌🙏🙏


Japanese Philosophy Concerning "Empathy"

The highest level of interpersonal relationships, taught from generation to generation, taught from childhood and become the main goal of the Japanese is "Empathy"

Empathy or position yourself to be OTHERS (positioning ourselves to be the other person). If you're talking to Old Man, try to be a parent who is often "confused" it.
While talking with "Your Child" , then transform yourself into a recalcitrant child.
Being talking to the Customer or Dowline, then transform into him first.
Want to talk to Upline, Friends, Enemies, then make yourself first & when you become him, "what do you want to hear?"

Why the wallet that fell on the Japanese train, most likely WILL return to the owner? Because who finds it immediately will think, if the money in this wallet I take ... Likes who has, no money anymore, new payday next month, he would be confused pay the debt, confused pay electricity, confused buy food, later he will be angry at his wife, his son will starve or he will die because of my deeds. Yes, they always think about Empathy. That is why the country is safe & progressing rapidly, because since childhood has been taught Empathy.
1. Who is caught corruption, suicide because of shame. 2. Officials who feel unsuccessful will retreat, because he used the glasses of his people. 3. Women come home from the night work guaranteed security, because the men think, what if it's my sister, child or wife. Have Japanese knowledge. Please copy it if it is good for you & Family, and Share it to your Relatives, Friends and Friends.

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