Hi my nickname is Mastri,
But somewhere and Somehow People Call me Mexx or shortly MO.

My decease wife call me Satria (Warrior), she told me because of my Habitue, if once I started something I’ll never give up till I catch  the Goal.

She loves me because I’m really open-minded, Humble,Multi talent, Crazy.... but carefully and romantic😍… But that was the Past.

My concern now for the future are just two Goals…make him Happy with good Education and built my Dream Project for him later,,,,Is our only one son

I believed deep in my Heart about KARMA PALE, it’s means you
or your descendant  will receive what have you done now.

So if I would that later on somebody helps and do nice to my Son, I should help and do many nice things for the Orphan now!

That’s why I start to make a Community call Wahana Agrapana, mean The Vehicle to the Wealthy (Wahana sancrit mean Vehicle and Agrapana sancrit mean to the Wealthy).

My dream are Wahana Agrapana Foundation, could help many poor people especially orphan. Showing and Training them how They could help them self with what they have around them without destroying their Environment.

By the way just to make you sure, that I know for sure what
I do now… 

I finished My Architecture after I Finished My Computer Science in Aachen Germany and deepen in the field of Green Building or Alternative Energies in Paris, Malta and Melbourne.

And after That I’ve Joined many Project in different countries in five Continent.

But please don’t call me Dr.Ing.Ing……….Mastri quite short and easy and Join Us!

So I need much money for that all!, that’s why I’ve tried in many ways and work hart for That..also to pass my Loneliness😓 after my Soulmate was gone.

It’s pity google Ads still reject me, but don’t worry many way go to Rome!

And I’m sure will reach that’s goal with a good deal from You & Help from My Friends

Hallo Nama Saya Mastri,

Sebenarnya saya meneruskan Blog dari Almarhumah Istri saya, dan sudah barang tentu banyak sekali yang saya rombak dari Struktur tujuan istri saya membuat Blog ini di tahun 2002, dengan apa yang saya akan teruskan di tahun 2014.

Supaya lebih tahu Sejarah Blog ini BOOKMARK saja, karena tidak mungkin di baca dalam satu saat kisah kehidupan kami, jadi harus sering berkunjung setiap hari😍 

Hanya  namanya yang tidak saya Ganti yaitu IndoNesia, dan beberapa Tulisan dari Almarhumah Istri saya.

Tentang Saya selain dapat dilihat di Blog ini dan apa yang akan saya buat selanjutnya dengan Blog ini dengan teman2 saya yang berada di Benua mereka masing2 adalah sebuah hubungan Bisnis International ....Gabung yuk😆

Apa aja bisa jadi duit kok..Makin banyak Duit makin bisa nolong Fakir Miskin dan Anak Yatim!




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